What to Expect in a Session

What to Expect in a Session

My Process and Intention

All of our souls’ records combined make up the universal wisdom that energizes our world.  I use my intuitive gift to tap into your part of that universal wisdom through my spirit guides and teachers, and the Akashic Records, to provide clarity and guidance for your life journey.  Clients often feel a deep inner healing as well.  My focus is on the lessons that we are here to learn in order to smooth our paths and facilitate our growth and learning.  A session can be a unique opportunity to clear blockages that may be keeping you from your greatest expression.  I always ask that the information provided be for your highest good.

I only receive information pertinent to your question and your lessons at this time, and are in alignment with my intention of “Illumination, Solutions, Joy!” (more on this intention on the Home page)After the session is over, I rarely remember much of the information that came through me.  I treat all sessions as confidential.  I may refer to parts of the session that I remember or client comments about their experience of the session in written or oral presentations to provide learning and growth for others, but any specific identifying information will be omitted.


What to Expect in a Session  

I will begin with an opening prayer, part of which is silent.  After, I will ask what is coming forward for you.  This is the time for you to ask your question (see Preparing For a Session).  I open to the universal wisdom and the information then comes from the guides and teachers through me.

You can participate in the process.  I may ask for your clarification on something I am receiving.  Sometimes just a little information helps to ‘organize’ or place in time the pictures I’m receiving.  My belief is that your soul already has all the wisdom necessary for your growth and learning.  Something that seems minor to me may really resonate for you as it touches that place inside you where you already know.

There may be brief times of silence when I am receiving lots of information at one time.  Because I have Joy! as part of my intention, sometimes information arrives with humor.  I encourage you to take in all the information even if it does not make sense at this time or doesn’t seem important to you.  Remember that information can be literal, symbolic or metaphorical.  Often, initially unclear information can later become meaningful and provide additional insight or guidance.

I allow the session to unfold as led by my guides and teachers, and they may address only one question.  Be assured that what comes forward is what you need to hear at this time.  If you focus on the key points of the information given, you will most likely find that it also relates to your other concerns.  Often, in order to move forward, we have steps to take, a lesson to learn and/or a perception to change that will open the way to clarify our perceived blocks in many areas.

When I am told by my guides that the session is complete, I will say a closing prayer.


After the Session

You may have varying reactions after the session.  Some clients feel energized and ready to implement action steps, and some feel emotional or tired.  Others may need some time to really open to the information received, as it may not be what they expected and is challenging them to grow.  You may find yourself craving comfort food.  Just try to honor whatever comes up.  All of these reactions are normal, and generally short-lived.   I ask that clients schedule 90 minutes of their time so that they will have a chance to let the information sink in, and some time to take care of themselves (a snack or rest) before returning to their regular activities.

It’s best to give the information a day or two to settle in, letting what was primary for you come forward, without going over your notes.  After that, you may want to read over your notes once and see what else comes forward for you.  Resist the temptation to read the notes or listen to your recording over and over and play it for everyone you know.  I know this is a big temptation, but often in doing so it only cements in your mind just one or two bits of information, not allowing space for any other information or for the deeper wisdom of your session to come through.  Another review after a week, and then a month, may bring even more illumination, depth, and/or clarity.   You will get the most value from your session by allowing this time between reviews.  Often with the passage of time, one begins to make shifts in their actions, thoughts, or perceptions and will then hear the session information as a ‘different’ person and receive deeper insights, allowing further life-enhancing shifts.