“Melanie provides solid, dependable information in her sessions, coupled with a great deal of warmth and kindness. I received many validations of things I had long suspected, which helped me to trust my inner judgment. At the same time, I learned a number of things about myself that I have found useful in moving forward. Based on my experience, I can highly recommend Melanie’s work.”     California

“I was seeking clarity and next steps for my practice as a Neuromuscular Therapist when I was referred to Melanie. She was able to quickly access the information that showed me where I was stuck and then followed that with detailed next steps for course correction, which I was able to apply immediately. I was elated with the information and deeply grateful. I look forward to future sessions with Melanie.”     Nevada

“My session was beyond my imagination. I did not know exactly what to expect but all I heard was the unvarnished truth. I received such valuable information that allowed me to put perspective into my life as it is now. It was a powerful session that brought peace. And it was fun at the same time! I so very much recommend Melanie for a session when you are looking for clarity and perspective. She is awesome!”     —Canada

“Melanie truly has a gift. Her strong connection to realms beyond the physical is just part of her gift. The other part, even more important, is her ability to share the guidance she receives in practical and meaningful ways.

During our session she reminded me about the importance of energetic protection and gave me a host of techniques. I realize now how useful these are as I use them in my Reiki practice and in my daily life. I would never have thought to ask for these on my own, and her intuition was spot on.

She also helped me to heal some residual lack of self-confidence that was holding me back from being a fully open channel to Spirit. Again, I was not aware of the block, but as she began talking about it, I felt a lot of light coming through and sensed a shift taking place.

In short, she will answer your questions, but the best thing that comes out of a session with Melanie is her answers to the questions you don’t ask.”     CaliforniaLittle Flowers

“Thank you so very much for the gift of your gifts!”     California

“Melanie is just wonderful and the information she gave me has been such a gift. I wanted to mention this in case you’ve considered having a session, because she has such integrity and clarity. That can be difficult to find.”     California

“Thank you very much for the session. It was a rebirth for me. I felt like my life was at a crossroads and the direction of my life was about to change. Sure enough, the session allowed me to understand myself and the people around me. After this point my life will not be the same. I appreciate your kind guidance.”     Turkey

“I can’t thank you enough, Melanie. My session was definitely an eye opener for me. I was able to get answers to all my pressing questions regarding difficult relationships in my life. I had worked really hard to have peaceful relationships with two of my family members. The more I did the worse the relationship became. After the session with Melanie I understand what I need to do.”     –California

“Thank you for our recent session. It was amazing! I have a lot of great next steps to take from our call. I will definitely recommend your work and hope to do future sessions with you as well.”
–New Jersey

“Thanks for my session… Wanted you to know it was an AWESOME reading and very, very helpful!”     California

River “Thank you for the wonderful reading you gave me. I am still taking it all in!! Keep up the great work that you do.”     California

“Whenever you are ready for healing your life wounds, call Melanie. In my last session the guides mentioned that much more freedom was available to me. Well, I thought and felt that my life was filled with freedom! But it turns out that over the last six weeks since my reading, I have slowly been introduced to new ways of eliminating some long term emotional pain. And there is more freedom! What a surprise. Book your reading with Melanie today and be open to receive all the clarity the sages have to offer through her.”     –Canada

“It’s been a while since we had contact, however, recently I was at a sound journey and had a memory of a reading with you five or six years ago when you helped me to heal some negative energy around me. During the sound journey, I had such an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for your help that I had to thank you for sharing your gift so long ago. THANK YOU! Truly and with love and light.”     California