About Melanie

About Melanie 

Melanie RealThis ‘school’ of life has provided me with varied ‘courses’ (aka career and educational adventures). I am grateful for all these wonderful life experiences, even the challenging ones, because they led me to the work I do today as a Your Soul’s Wisdom guide and intuitive, helping others with their growth, learning, and healing. This path for me has not been one of ‘becoming’ an intuitive, but rather opening up to and accepting gifts long held dormant. These are skills that have helped me throughout my life, in all my roles, to understand and help the people with whom I came into contact, even when I didn’t recognize them as intuitive gifts.

I had trouble thinking of myself as “psychic”. Even the word ‘intuitive’ was difficult to embrace for the responsible, logical and intelligent person who was a Helicopter Flight Instructor, an Adult School Site Coordinator and Teacher, and a multi-national corporate Vice President, among other adventures. I’ve come to realize the terminology is not so important. I still have those rational qualities as well as my own spiritual beliefs, but now I am also living in harmony with my intuitive gifts (primarily clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance and clairaudience — see more on this on the FAQ page), and I’ve found a way to integrate the two, which at one time seemed polar opposites to me.

This is where I am meant to be and I am so grateful to be doing this work. Because of my previous work and personality traits, I can help others with soul-related work but in a very practical every day way. I feel as if all the other work I’ve done was just part of the path to this work, and this is where I can most be of service in the world.

Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology
Bachelor’s Degree, Spanish and Portuguese-Brazilian Studies
A.A. Degree, Interior Design

Additional certifications include:
Akashic Records Practitioner
Meditative Hypnosis Personal and Spiritual Development Counselor
Reiki Master
Aquatics Exercise Instructor
Certified Flight Instructor-Helicopters

I am a life-long student and continue to enjoy workshops, classes and events in many subject areas.

Thanks for reading my story and for allowing me to touch your life. May you be blessed today and every day as your life unfolds – just as it is meant to.