Welcome to Your Soul’s Wisdom

Your Soul’s Wisdom is a resource for “Illumination, Solutions, Joy!”  My intention is to help to illuminate and give insight into the lessons you are here to learn, to find practical solutions in order to move forward in those lessons, so that you can have more Joy! in your life.

Do you feel stuck?  Do you keep experiencing challenging relationships and face the same obstacles?  Do you long for something deeper?  Are you not sure what steps to take to change?

An Energetic Soul Reading session can help clarify the things that are blocking you from Living Your Real Life Now.  Old energy that is no longer to your benefit can be cleared, leaving you with new, light-filled space to support you as you create new ways of thinking and being.

You have all the wisdom necessary already within your soul to create the life you want.  Sometimes it may be a challenge to access that wisdom in our busy world.  Sometimes we are not consciously aware of past choices we’ve made or situations we’ve misinterpreted (especially as a child) that we’ve carried forward and lie underneath the blocks we’re experiencing now.  An Energetic Soul Reading session with Melanie can help you find answers and clear blockages, while offering new insights and practical steps to guide you forward.